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Air Asia X Sale to Taiwan (via Mobile Device)

I love to travel. However, the increasing prices of air tickets can be a real deterrent. So when AirAsia announced their AirAsia X Amazing Low Fare Promotions, I was immediately on the alert.

Just in case you are wondering what is the difference between the normal AirAsia and AirAsia X , the difference lies in their destinations. Whilst AirAsia covers mainly the nearby countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, AirAsia X is the more premium branch of AirAsia, covering the further destinations including London, Melbourne, Perth, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Booking for the AirAsia X promotion was on 15 November 2011 at 12 noon.

For those who have booked tickets during AirAsia promotions before, you would know that time is of the essence and you have to act Very Very Fast if not all tickets would be gone before you know it, sometimes, within the first hour of launch.

Unfortunately, when the promotion started, I had no access to my computer. Thus I asked Ms Black to help me standby at 12 pm sharp to book my tickets to Taiwan., which Ms Black was happy to assist. Ms Black, being an experienced "booker" (link to her Korea Booking and Phuket Booking Review) was quick to select the dates and complete all the information required for the booking of 2 tickets to Taiwan for me and hubby. However, due to the heavy website traffic, Ms Black kept encountering “error” messages at the payment stage and could not complete the booking transaction = (

Desperate and panicking, I suddenly recalled that AirAsia had a mobile website and I decided to give it a try from my iPhone. The mobile platform was very easy to navigate.

There are 6 steps to complete the booking and at each step, the instructions were very clear and the interface was very user-friendly.

After I had selected the destination (Taiwan in this case) , the different rates, including the promotional rates were clearly displayed for my selection.

Throughout the whole booking process, I did not encounter any of the lagging or error messages that I usually encounter from the main AirAsia website during the peak promotional periods. Once I keyed in my credit card details, I immediately received a booking confirmation number although the payment status was still pending.

When I logged on to my phone again 15 minutes later, the status was updated to payment confirmed. Within the hour, I had received the invoice and confirmation email from AirAsia confirming the itinerary and flight details.

The whole booking process from the mobile platform was a breeze and definitely one of the fastest and smoothest booking that I have experienced for AirAsia promotions. I would definitely recommend the mobile platform for future booking of AirAsia promotions.

So Taiwan, here I come next year! Sure, it seems a long time away, but I guess this is the norm for AirAsia promotions as normally the promotional tickets have to be booked at least half a year in advance if you want to get the very good promotional rates.

The total cost for 2 tickets from KL to Taiwan including all taxes and additional luggage requirements came up to just S$380.00. How often do you come across such a great deal????

* All the above images (except the ones we personally shot) belong to  Airasia  unless specified otherwise.

Website :

Delivery: Immediate confirmation but to get the best promotional rates, tickets normally have to be booked at least 6 months in advance.

Ease of Website: The mobile platform was very easy to navigate and I did not encounter the usual error messages which I often encounter from their normal website bookings.

Price: Cheap if you mange to book during promotions. You can get tickets for 2 pax from KL to Melbourne from S$500, tickets from KL to London for 2 pax from S$750, inclusive of all taxes. That is about ¼ of the normal SIA pricing.

Rating : 6.5 out of 10