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Reebonz - Prada Tesstuo Impuntu

Guess what I discovered today ? I stumbled upon this website, Reebonz. They sell many luxury goods at a discounted price. I happily browsed the website , thinking of getting a suitable bag for Spring.

Spring is a season of freshness and youth, I was thinking of getting a bright-coloured Spring bag. During Spring, flowers  are everywhere around us, so I thought it would be good to blend myself into the environment by picking the colors of the flowers; like red, purple, yellow and green. And guess what I found? 

A Green Prada Tesstuo Impuntu which is on sale for only SG$1XXX for members of Reebonz (need to sign up as member before you can check out the price)!! 

I started ransacking my wardrobe but didn't really find any suitable Spring clothes that I could match with this bag. Again, being an addict to online shopping and crazy about doing online shopping reviews, I decided to create 3 Spring fashion lookbooks to match this bag, before I convince myself on getting this bag.

I googled online and realised that the playsuit, jumpsuit and stripes are all in trend for 2011 Spring fashion , so I decided to play with these different styles and for different reasons:

The First Look: Going on dates or shopping


I happily chose a yellow jumpsuit to match the green Prada Tessuto Impuntu bag. Yellow is one of the most playful and cheerful colors and it will be a great contrasting color for my green Prada bag to stand out .

But this isn't sufficient. I can't imagine how it will look when I put the jumpsuit on together with the accessories. So I decided to have some fun with my photoshop and put all the clothes I chose onto a dress-me-up animation ! I need to imagine how pretty I will look with my Prada Tessuto Impuntu with the style I created for dating or shopping!!

So presenting to you ......

The cheeky yellow off-shoulder jumpsuit will play off the sharp-coloured Prada perfectly, enabling you to look your best. This will be the first reason why I should buy the Prada Tesstuo Impuntu bag ....  hahha .. this is especially important because your boyfriend or hubby would ask you why did you spend so much on a bag ? And the first reason you could tell them was that you just want to look your best when you are out with them.

The 2nd Look: Outdoor/ Beach wear


For the Spring season, it is always good to wear something fabric in light colour. So I deliberately chose a light green playsuit with some prints . Green always looks refreshing and trendy during the spring time. To stand out, I wanted to look elegant yet simple. I started by pairing my playsuit with a few floral accessories like the earrings, bangle and the headband. I also chose a sporty black watch so that I won't be wearing too much green and end up looking like a tree !!! And it is a MUST to have a large framed sunshades in red to complement the spring season and also to look tremendously stylish. To add a perfect touch to my entire look, I also decided to choose a open sandal with floral cutouts !

And so I managed to achieve a really cool , elegant outdoor look together with the Prada Tesstuo Impuntu!!

To carry off a cute playsuit, the kooky Prada can still the polish your geeky look!!

The Third Look: OFFICE WEAR


I realised that I have been watching too many reruns of the Devil Wears Prada and my preferred office wear has been subconsciously influenced by the movie! I aspire to be like the zero dress sense Andrea transforming into a completely made-over woman! So if I buy the Prada Tesstuo Impuntu, I must be able to achieve this perfect dominating and confident look . And the red-striped dress is the perfect dress to let me stand out with Prada Tesstuo Impuntu as it is an attention seeking and powerful color ! In the office, the color red can make a powerful statement that you are a take-charge type of person. Not forgetting that red is a vibrant colour, just right for Spring !!!

Don't you think that for a domineering/bossy look, the Prada's classy look plays off the striped-dress brilliantly?

So , what do you think of my 3 styles ? I want this Prada bag badly and if I really want to get it, I need to save at least a year to get it or maybe I should sign up Reebonz's instalment plan !!! Or maybe if you have the spare cash, get it from Reebonz and pair it up with the right fashion and share with us the pictures ? Meanwhile, I think I will just try my luck with their contest whereby they are looking for a blogger to do up a blog entry to sell the bag for Spring  (Hey !!! I just did that !!!! I am in luck !!!! If you are curious about the contest, you can locate the information below)



Gotten the information from

How to participate?
Choose a bag from any of the six bags below which you would like to have. On your blog, sell the bag as a Spring essential and come up with 1-3 Spring outfits that you think will look fabulous with the bag. Photos, illustrations or look books are highly encouraged in your contest blog post.

Submit your blog entries by leaving a comment on our blog post here ( and email us at with your contest entry blog link. Closing date for submission of entries is February 17, 2011. SPECIAL ANNOUNCMENT! We have extended the submission period till end of February!

What are the prizes?
- 6 Best Spring Outfits: 6 X Spring Essential Bag
1. Kate Spade London Coal Tote
2. Marc Jacobs The XL Single
3. Tod’s D-Styling Small Satchel
4. Prada Tessuto Impuntu
5. Balenciaga Giant Chic Box Bag
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Ellsworth Blue Classic Q Groovee
- Overall Best Spring Outfit: Additional SGD 500 Cash & 500 Reebonz Credits
- Reebonz Facebook Friends Favourite Spring Outfit: Additional SGD 250 Cash & 250 Reebonz Credits

Who will be judging?
Guest Judge: Mr. BagaholicBoy (owner,
Guest Judge: Mr. Rohai (fashion writer, Urban newspaper)
Guest Judge: Ms. Gladys (features writer, Urban newspaper)
Reebonz Judge: Mr Reebonz (buyer)

What is the judging process?
Judges will select the best Spring outfit entry for each of the 6 bags. The best entry for each bag will walk away with the covetable bag. Among the 6 best entries, the judges will select the Overall Best Spring outfit blogger to be crowned as Reebonz Fashion Blogger. The 6 best Spring outfits will also be featured on Reebonz Facebook page and the outfit with the most “likes” will be crowned the Reebonz Fashion Friend.

Terms & Conditions
Closing date for submission of entries is 23 59hr February 28, 2011 (GMT +8). To successfully submit your entries, leave a comment with your contest entry blog link on the contest blog post here ( and email your entry blog link to Contest results will be announced by Match 3, 2011 and winners will be contacted via email. Reebonz reserves the right to modify any terms and conditions.

Addicted to Forever 21 is uncontrollable, even after CNY

Arggh .. we just can't control our addiction.

My colleagues and I promised each other that we should stop looking at Forever 21 , so that we can stop wasting money on online shopping every month . But the prices were too attractive to stop us from buying !

These are my latest purchases (which mostly consist of dresses) and none of them is above US$20 !!!

 Bought two tops too . The pink top on the left only costs me US$3.50 while the top on the right costs me US$6.50 only !!

Bought two pair of sunglasses too ! One for hubby and one for myself !! They are only US$5.90 each !!!
I bought hubby a Tshirt too coz it is way toooo cheappppp !! It is only US$5.99 !!

Will update more when I receive the clothes !!

Order Date: 20th Feb 2011
Packed Date: 2nd Mar 2011
Shipped Date: 2nd Mar 2011
Arrival Date:  7th Mar 2011

Thanks to online shopping, I can find affordable gifts for friends and myself !

Thanks ASOS's free shipping promotion (yes ! They are still giving away free worldwide shipping!), I can easily send a gift to a good friend without incurring any shipping cost! Guess what I did ? I started buying plenty of beauty items from ASOS! This is the first time I bought beauty products online and I am going to review on the products as well , just for fun !

I split my shipment into two different addresses. One attention to me and one attention to my friend ! I am pretty amazed with how ASOS could actually earn a profit by just sending one small discounted handcream to my friend !

When I was doing my research, I realised that Love & Toast Hand Cream is actually a very popular hand cream as it not only comes with pretty packaging , smells awesome and is creamy yet easily absorbed and leaves no residue on hands after a minute. Furthermore, Singapore blogshops are selling it at SG$19 !! Take your calculator and start counting how much you can save : P

Guess what I bought for myself ? I bought 4 items for SG$26 and I was entitled to free shipping too !

I bought a webbing white belt for hubby for only around SG$9! Hubby has been looking for one since a year back ? However, most of them are either too expensive or too ugly looking !

I also bought a Bourjois Vintage Blusher - Paris version at only around SG$10 !! From my research online, this product retails for S$20.90 at John Little!

Again, this is another product which comes with pretty and cute packaging ! I absolutely love the vintage feel ! It's faintly scented and comes with a mini curved brush. The pigmentation is just right too, not too pink & it blends really well so you can build up as much colour as you want. I have been using MAC blusher all my life and this is the first time I have the urge to start switching to Bourjois !

Another amazing find is the Paul and Jones Powder Puff !

According to many online reviews, many people like Paul & Joe powder puff! According to them, it feels very soft and fluffy on the skin! And in Singapore, the retail price is at SG$14 and I got it at only 30% of that price ! I will have to wait till I receive mine before I can judge whether the reviews are accurate!

The last product that I bought was just for fun ! It costs so cheap , yet it comes with such an elegant packaging that I couldn't resist not buying it !

For less than SG$6, I got myself a 300ml milk bath and 200 shower gel which comes with great packaging. This will make a great gift for anyone ! Too bored online ? You know what you can do now !! Make the people around you happy by just doing some "happy clicking"!

Gift for my friend:
Order Date: 6th Feb 2011 (5pm)
Packed Date: 7th Feb 2011 (10am)
Shipped Date: 7th Feb 2011 (10am)
Arrival Date:  22nd Feb 2011 (3pm)

Gift for myself:
Order Date: 7th Feb 2011 (1 am)
Packed Date: 7th Feb 2011 (10am)
Shipped Date: 7th Feb 2011 (10am)
Arrival Date:  18th Feb 2011 (3pm)