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My F21 for Xmas

My buddy at work and I decided to do some shopping from Forever 21 for Xmas. There was this 30% promotion to all the bags and wallets online! I compared the prices one day when I was shopping at the retail Forever 21 shop at Orchard Ion. The bag I wanted to get cost around SG$20 on the website and around SG$50 in the shop. Since then, I told myself, never to get a bag from the local Forever 21 shop unless I was desperate !

With this promotion that lasted only for 4 days, of course we weren't going to miss this chance to get some Xmas presents for ourselves and friends !

* Tips: Take note of this line in the promotion - "In Stores And Online Use Code: VETERANS" - Shoppers will need to apply this code before they check out . I will provide a more detailed instruction later in this entry.

After spending around 1 day to decide what we really wanted, we decided to enter all the orders into the basket. Before we "checkout", we will need to enter "VETERANS" in the Enter Promotion Code (if applicable) and press "Apply".

Once that was done, all the discounts will be shown on the left side and the nett price after discount will be shown on the right for all the bags.

We ordered around 26 items and was quite disappointed to realise that for each shipment, we can only order maximum 20 items ! Sigh, that means that even if we get more people to share the shipment costs, we can only fit 20 items into one shipment !! SIGH ! SIGH ! SIGH !

After "Checkout", the website will bring the shopper to a page to enter the credit card details. On the right side, billing and shipping address will be shown. So remember to check all these details to ensure you receive the order !

After the shopper has placed the order, he/she will receive the confirmation number. He/she can then go back to the past orders to view their orders.
  • Shipped - The order has  been delivered
  • New - The order has just been placed. If you wish to cancel your order, you will still be in time. Just drop the customer service an email.
  • Cancelled - The order has been cancelled.
* All the aboce images used in this post belong to unless specified otherwise.

I like Forever 21 delivery service. Forever 21 maintains their standard for the delivery period as the previous round:
Order Date: 12th Nov 2010 (Friday)
Packed Date: 19th Nov 2010 (Friday)
Shipped Date: 19th Nov 2010 (Friday)
Arrival Date: 23th Nov 2010 (Monday)

Okay, that's it ! If you want more information on ordering from Forever 21, you might like to read the posts below as well! Enjoy your Forever 21 shopping !

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