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One of my favorite places in the world would be Harrods department store in UK.

True there is no shortage of department stores in Singapore, but there is just something about Harrods that just takes your breath away. And I simply love the wide selection of in-house brand of tote bags, accessories and bears they have at the store.

If you go down Takashimaya Basement 1, you will find a small selection of the items Harrods offer.

However, if you really want to purchase any Harrods items for yourself or as a gift, you should really check out their website at

The great thing about doing online shopping from Harrods is that not only do you get to enjoy a much wider selection of their items, the prices are based on the actual pricing available at their UK store. Hence after conversion from UK pounds to Singapore Dollar, you will find that the items are much cheaper than what you will find at Takashimaya, especially when their online sales and special promotions are on.

Check out the below promotions on their Harrods Bears.

Furthermore, Harrods offer direct international shipping to Singapore, which is not an EU country. This means that any VAT on the items purchased will be deducted out from the sale price, which works out to be a bigger discount for us!!!

Being a Department Store, you can find a huge range of items from Harrods, ranging from Clothing to Shoes and Accessories to Beauty Products to Kitchen Equipment.

Besides their house brand selection of gifts, you can also check out their selection of beauty products for great bargains. Not only can you find brands such as Laura Mercier which are not available in Singapore, you will find a number of brands such as Lancome or Molton Brown at much lower prices compared to what you would find in Singapore. For example, a 330 ml bottle of Molton Brown Lotion can be purchased at only £15 , which is almost 30% to 40% cheaper than the prices in Singapore!!

My colleague has recently asked me to help her order some items from the website for her christmas presents. Check out some of the cute stuff she ordered below.

You can basically find things suitable for all ages :).

The website is very user friendly.  Not only are the items clearly sorted by the different departments, a search engine is also available to facilitate searches. To save time, you can also choose to view all items in a catergory by selecting "view all" instead of viewing page by page.

As you add on every additional item, the cumulative total cost and quantity of items would pop up on the shopping cart. This helps you keep track of the total purchases. The amount of VAT deducted can also be seen from the shopping cart summary.

When it was time to check out, the steps were very straightforward and clear instructions on the website made the process very easy to navigate.

As I had earlier registered with Harrods, there was no need for me to rekey in my details and shipping address. Payment can be made via all major credit cards.

The total purchase worked out to be £191.25. However £26.99 VAT was deducted due to delivery being outside the European Union. This deduction more than offset the delivery costs of £24.05 and the total amount I had to pay in the end was just £188.31!! This meant that I was virtually enjoying free shipping on the purchases :)

* All the above images (except the ones we personally shot) belong to  Harrods  unless specified otherwise.

A confirmation email from Harrods was received almost immediately upon my placing of the order, together with the confirmation number as well as an itemized list of the purchases.

The items are expected to reach in approximately 10 days from day of order so do keep a look out on this blog for further updates when the items arrive!

Website :

Delivery: 7 to 10 days.

Ease of Website: Easy to browse !

Price:  Much cheaper than the pricing available from the Harrods outlet at Takashimaya. Shopers can also get goods bargains on some of the other branded items which are available cheaper in UK.

Rating : 8.5 out of 10
  Shoppers are easily guided by the different departments and categorization of items. A search engine is available for easy searches.


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