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MDS Collection - Shopping for CNY clothes from home

Those who know me would know that I have never been a fan of thronging the malls to shop for clothes.

I just hate the long queues at the changing rooms and fighting with others for the salesgirl's attention.

The situation escalates prior to Chinese New Year when all the shopping malls are packed like sardines, full of people shopping for their CNY clothes.

Now with online shopping, I can shop for my CNY clothes while preventing the hassle of having to squeeze through the maddening crowds at Orchard Road.

Whilst shopping for clothes online, I came across this local online clothing retailer at  Mds Collection .
The website setup is quite similar to that of International Retailer ASOS.

For each attire, you will be able to view the the model wearing the clothes from different angles. Details of the clothing, including sizing and additional stylist's notes are also clearly indicated for the shopper's reference.

Not only can you  find a great selection of clothes on this website which can cater to all your needs, be it, casual, office or party attire, new arrivals are also updated  daily, not only once but TWICE.

Mds Collection also offers free delivery for all Singapore orders, even if only 1 piece of clothing is purchased.

The best part about this website for me is that if you are not happy with any purchase, you can return the clothes within 30 days with no reason required!! That means if you change your mind about any item or if you find that the item purchased does not suit you , you can always exchange it for a different piece.

For those shoppers who prefer to physically try the clothes before the purchase, Mds Collection also have 2 retail outlets at Wisma Atria and Plaza Singapura.

To get the best bargain, you can try out the clothes at the retail outlets before going online to make the purchase. Mds Collection  has some great online promotions which are not available at their retail stores :
For every $100 spent, you will receive $15 off i.e. 15% discount
For every $150 spent, you will receive $30 off., i.e. 20% discount
For every $200 spent, you will receive $50 off. i.e. 25% discount !!!!

I have just purchased 5 dresses from Mds Collection. The original cost was $150 but with the current online promotion, I only ended up paying $120!! That works out to only $25.00 per dress!!!.

The website is also very easy to navigate. Take a look below :

My selected clothings:

Payment (which took me less than 10 secs):
* I only needed to input the discount code and I could see how much money I got to save instantly!


With just a "click", I confirmed my order and only needed to wait patiently for my dresses to arrive at my home! I need not worry over the hassle of going shopping in the rainy weather and crowded malls  !

So do check out Mds Collection to get your shopping fix  :) , especially during the recent wet weather !!!

Men Superdry clothes from ASOS arrive in less than 8 days !!!

We were pretty surprised with the free delivery service of ASOS this time round !! In less than 8 days, the Superdry clothes arrived at our home! By being willing to wait patiently for 8 days instead of buying straight from Tangs Studio, we managed to save around S$150 !! Best of all, all the clothes look exactly the same as the ones we saw on the website and are of good quality, just like the ones we saw at Tangs Studio !! My hubby was so excited that he told me that he would not get any more clothes from physical shops anymore ! He loved the excitement of waiting and receiving his first online order and he told me that he will definitely shop online again!

Shopping for OPI nail polishes for CNY

I just did my pedicure for CNY and fell in love with my shimmering silver polish recommended by the manicurist !!!

So, it is back to shopping online with my favourite nailsg !! I happily chose two colors from the Swiss Collection :

1. OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous Z18

2. OPI Glitzerland Z19

Both at only $11 each and I am entitled to free postage locally during the month of January !!!

Once again, nailsg will be giving me 2  packets of 2mm rhinestones (30 pieces per pack) free for spending above $20! Again the seller was very prompt and even offered to let my friend do her self collection from West Mall despite the short notice. I think I will stick to this online nail shop for a long long time !!

Updated on 8th Feb:

Although I did not receive my order before CNY, I was still very pleased with my order. This is the first time I have received the order via mail. nailsg has made an effort to be really careful with the packaging for delivery!

Both the nail polishes were carefully wrapped in bubble bags!

Again my order comes with free rhinestones !! Yippy !

I happily applied the OPI Glitzerland Z19 nail polish. Take a look, this is after two layers:

OH NO! My hubby is hooked on online shopping as well !

No, we aren't just browsing the above tops for fun! We have just spent another SG$100 on ASOS buying the tops! Please save us ! Under my bad influence, my hubby has become addicted to online shopping as well ! When we were out shopping for his Chinese New Year clothes yesterday, he happened to see this brand - "Super Dry" at Tangs and he remembered that he saw this brand on ASOS at a very cheap clearance price (around SG$20-$40). He was so excited that he started to grab both sizes S and M Tshirts and Polo Ts of this brand to try !!! When he realised the prices for The Tshirts are at SG$69 and Polo Ts at SG$99, he asked me to go home asap as he wanted to grab these Tshirts and Polo Ts from ASOS immediately.  (Can you believe it ?? We were at Orchard Road , the shopping paradise , yet he wanted to go home immediately and do online shopping !!)

Within an hour, we were back at home, glued to the laptop to help him pick some Super Dry Polo T and T-shirts. After constantly changing his mind and arguing about which apparels were better for him, we picked 3 pieces - 2 T-Shirts at SG$23 - SG$29 (Imagine !! We save approximately $50 for the same T-shirts we saw at Tangs !!) and a Polo T at SG$42 (That saves us at least SG$45!) . I think by just buying one Polo T from Tangs, we can get 2 shirts and a Polo T from ASOS!! We really got a fantastic bargain!

However, this also means that we are spending more money than we should ! And after all these online shopping experiences, hubby has more Chinese New Year clothes than me !!! He now has a total of 9 new tops (1 Tshirt from F21, 3 Polo T and Tshirts from Superdry, 2 shirts from G2000, 2 T shirts from Pull and Bear, 1 Polo T from Zara ) for Chinese New Year !! That is way MORE than me !! And I think his good friend has bought a couple more T-shirts for him from his USA trip. Does that mean my hubby is going to wear a new top for each of the 15 days of Chinese New Year ? *FAINT* KILL ME !! Why did I influence him with online shopping ???

Anyway, if you are interested in Super Dry brand, you can try it at the Tangs Studio at Vivocity. The quality of the Tshirts and Polo Ts are really good ! Much better than many brands ! We initially thought that it was a Japanese brand (The Japanese make pretty good quality clothes) and was rather surprised to find that it is actually a UK brand. We will update more on the Super Dry clothes when we receive them next month !! *VERY EXCITED*

Order Date: 20th Jan 2010 (1am)
Packed Date: 20th Jan 2011 (10 am)
Shipped Date: 20th Jan 2011 (2 pm)
Arrival Date:  28th Jan 2011 (3pm)

ASOS is offering free international delivery again !

Yes ! ASOS is offering free international delivery again ! No matter how much I have complained about their long waiting time for delivery, I just can't resist the words "free shipping" :) And thanks to my dear friends who are all addicted to online shopping like me , I received news of it once it was announced on the website.

I was planning to help my hubby buy some clothes for Chinese New Year.  However, even knowing that ASOS will never be able to make it for delivery before the first day of Chinese New Year didn't stop me and hubby browsing through the catalogues. There are 15 days in Chinese New Year, so long as we receive the item within the CNY period, we can still wear it as "new year clothes"!

My hubby couldn't resist the temptation this time !! I managed to control myself  because all my friends were telling me that I have bought many items from Forever 21 which I have yet to wear any !! From the initial 6 pieces that we shortlisted, hubby and I finally decided to buy 2 ! One was from FCUK and the other one was Supremebeing ( I have never heard of this brand, but who cares ? The Polo T looks really nice !)

This is the Polo T which we have shortlisted from Supremebeing and it costs 15 pounds (Around SG$30.50) :


How about the one which we have shortlisted from FCUK ? It is a Polo T which costs only 13 pounds (Approx SG$26.60) ?


We were about to make payment when we were faced this disappointment;

Argh! Why do I always face difficulty when I just want to make a simple purchase from ASOS ? Why can't ASOS introduce an option to show customers which product cannot be shipped out to certain countries ? It is really frustrating to give up on something that we really like ! My hubby was so disappointed that he told me immediately that he did not want to buy anything from ASOS despite the free international shipping !!  In the end , I managed to convince him to just buy the Polo T from Supremebeing ! It was his first shopping experience with ASOS and I didn't want him to feel too disappointed.

Now I am just hoping that we can receive the top within the 15 days of Chinese New Year !! Praying real hard !! ASOS please do not fail me again . The email which I just received said that I would receive the  order by 4th Feb 11. Let's wait and see !!

Order Date: 19th Jan 2011 (Singapore Time - 1 am)
Packed Date: 19th Jan 2011 (Singapore Time - 8am)
Shipped Date: 19th Jan 2011 (Singapore Time - 8am)
Arrival Date: 11 Feb 2001 (Singapore Time - 3pm)

Updated on 12 Feb 2001:
Despite the long wait, we were still quite satisfied that ASOS really did fulfil the shipment even if it was just a single Polo T.

My hubby was so excited to receive his Supreme Being Polo T yesterday that he immediately put on the Polo T when he reached home. However, he was disappointed that he couldn't fit into S size (his usual size was M). I think I would have to try selling it online : )

My F21 Chinese New Year clothes arrived in less than 14 days !!

Forever 21 has changed their courier service from DHL to Fedex. I do not really like Fedex as I know that their delivery timing isn't as accurate as DHL . However, I was pleasantly surprised to see my clothes arrive faster than my previous orders. Fedex doesn't route their shipping from USA to HK to Singapore like DHL. Fedex is able to send F21 orders from USA to Singapore directly : ) This will reduce the delivery time by at least a day !!!

As usual, I like to share my purchases with our readers. So do take a look at my latest purchases for CNY !!

Guess how much is this dress which comes with a sleek, stylish design and a free belt ?
It is only US$22.80 !!!! I managed to grab a real bargain !!

This polka-dot tube dress is another bargain ! 
I bought it at only US$18.90 ! I SUPER love the bright blue fabric. Just right for CNY !

This dress comes with a  sweetheart neckline and a lightly padded bust.
The material of this dress is also very comfortable and it is only US$22.80.
However, I think I won't be wearing it for CNY.
I will just keep it as a wedding dinner dress since
 I have a few wedding dinners to attend this year : )

For this romper, I am rather disappointed. The color isn't what I have seen in the
original pictures : (  Luckily it is only US$15.80 and
I like the design despite the dull color.

This is my free top ! Very nice color and very comfortable !!

Haha ! My hubby's top looks exactly like the one we have seen on the website !!
Very comfortable top at only US$6.99 !! Guess which is the original F21 picture? : P

This is a nice and cheap dress bought by my colleague !
I told her that she could either wear it to work or if she has to be a "Jie Mei" !

I super LOVE this dress ! I find this dress really nice and silky !
Too bad, when I was purchasing the apparels,
there wasn't any S size left  : (  So sad !