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Forever 21 - Super fast and efficient delivery service

I just have to give two THUMBS UP for Forever 21's delivery service, I just received my order within 11 days (inclusive of 4 days of weekends!) !! And I like the way they took the trouble to ensure no damages to the items in the box and made the effort to separate small items from those bigger ones. Have a look at the 20 items (inclusive of 2 repeat items) we have gotten ! Some are Christmas presents for our family members and friends !

Separating the purses and small bags from the rest of the items:

& they look just like what I have seen on the Forever 21 webpage :

Gotten the following Sequined Tote Bags (Black & Silver) for some of my hubby's schooling cousins and if I stuffed some newspaper into the bags, I think they will look just like those photos on the website !

Wanted to get this Teddy bear bag as a surprise for Ms Chocolate
but was only left a last piece and my colleague ordered it before me : (
I am soooo disappointed, especially after seeing the actual bag coz
this is the type of tote bag that Ms Chocolate will definitely like !!
Aren't the ribbon and the pearl necklace cute ???

And we bought our colleague a SEXY Birthday present !

& my colleague got this nice shirt for her boyfriend ! Soooo SWEET ! 


And I bought these two bags for myself. Nice ???

The pictures of the actual bags:

And of course, we would not miss out showing off our apparels to you !!!

We each bought one piece of this working dress for only US$13.50 !!
Isn't it CHEAP ?? Too pretty and cheap, so both of us cannot resist buying it !
Must make sure we both don't wear it at the same time to work ! Haha !

I bought this top but I am not going to wear it as a top but as a dress with tights !!

And I bought this unique top . The actual top's color (red) isn't that bright as the one I saw on the website but I still think it is worth it !
The metal strap is really very very unique and special ! But quite heavy too !! hahha

My colleague bought the following apparels. I made her take some pictures
 and  let her show off here : P
I love her jacket! Money well spent ! Quality is good and
I think it will keep her warm in the office.
And guess how much it is ? It is only US$16.50 !!!! What a good bargain she got !!

And she also gotten herself a figure flattering nice knotted waist pencil skirt

And lastly, I bought a Tshirt for hubby's friend ! haha .. something which I think he would like :P

* All the above images (except the ones we personally shot) belong to  Forever 21  unless specified otherwise.

Are you envious of me now ? Hahaha ... start your Forever 21 shopping now and share with me your experiences too !!