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ASOS vs F21 Shipping

I have decided to stop supporting F21 online due to its newly introduced shipping fees. A good friend of mine just informed me that F21 has raised its international shipping fees ridiculously high. From a flat US$35, the new cost has now became:

ASOS on the other hand is still having Free Delivery worldwide on all orders with no minimum spending required since last Nov!! They used to charge a fee of £10.50 to send any orders to Singapore. However, to reward their loyal customers, they decided to waive the delivery charges. So I will now start supporting ASOS instead !

Seriously, I wonder why F21 is driving away their loyal international customers ..... Sigh !!

Spring is here ! So have my colourful F21 dresses !!

Spring is here !!! So have my colorful F21 dresses !!!

Look at my new dresses:

BLUE dress - Simple Sleeveless Dress

My PINK Stripe Bodycon Dress

RED Nautical Striped Tunic

However, I was quite disappointed with the two purple dresses I bought as one is too big for me while the other did not flatter me.

This doesn't suit me well

& this is too big for me:

Some interesting items from this lot !! Look at the socks !! Aren't they cute ?? They look exactly the same as what you can see on the website !!

My hubby's top was a good bargain again ! Good quality at US$5.99 !

I think I will stop buying from F21 ! I think my wardrobe is overloaded with F21 clothes ! Time for me to switch brands !!!! hahhaa ... enough is enough !!