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Let's go to Phuket with Jetstar !!

Ms Chocolate and I are always online. We are soooo... addicted to online surfing that we must turn on our computers the moment we reach home. So our facebook status are is constantly updated and email responses are very fast. Today , we were happily chatting online when we received this "Friday Fare Frenzy deals from $0+$28 tax" newsletter from Jetstar that airtickets from Sg to Phuket is only $28 tax one way ! That is one thing I love about Friday Fare Frenzy from Jetstar ! Jetstar always have nice surprises for their customers on Friday !

The two of us decided to book 4 tickets to Phuket to surprise our hubbies ! Well, sometimes, it would be nice to surprise our hubbies with nice and cheap tickets to somewhere and who knows, they might surprise us to much better trips after getting those presents from us ! We managed to book tickets at $70 each to Phuket for a short weekend trip in September !  I am now so looookingggggg forwarddddddd to Phuket ! That means that my dream of going snorkeling at the place that Leonardo Dicaprio filmed "The Beach" is coming true !!!!

Delivery: Immediate! You have to be one of the first to start browsing the fares when they launch the promotion!

Ease of Website:
  Might experience many incidents of timeout errors or dates no longer available ! Have to be really lucky and fast !

Product Range:They cover some really good places directly from Singapore.

Price:  Cheap ! But only can buy when there is a promotion! For regular price, it isn't really worth!

Customer Service:
 ! Tough to get through the number and email response is slow ! But once you get to them, they act fast to your enquiries or complaints!

Rating :
 7 out of 10