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Aussiebum - Free Shipping Worldwide

Updated on 6th Dec 2010

My hubby's good friend is a loyal customer of Aussiebum. He shared with me his experience of buying from Aussiebum. He has been buying his briefs from this online shop all this while and is always 100% satisfied. He told me that Aussiebum has been offering free shipping worldwide since two years ago and even if the customer orders only one brief, Aussiebum would make an effort to deliver it to your house in a nice packaging. He also told me that he couldn't find any other brands that could offer briefs that are so comfortable , with style and fitting.

For the benefits of our male readers, I tested out buying a brief from Aussiebum. They do provide a wider range of briefs of different designs, different colours and many different interesting themes ! Have a look here !

The website itself also provides an information size chart when you need help in choosing a suitable size.

* All the above images belong to Aussiebum unless specified otherwise.

The price is slightly on the high side at SG$17.60. However, I feel that it makes a good gift , especially for girlfriends or wives who want to give a sweet surprise to their loved ones. Or it might makes a cute surprise for the guys to surprise the girls ! Haha!

After checkout, the website will bring you to a payment page whereby you will only need to enter the credit card details. You will receive a confirmation in the last page with an email sent to you . I am now excitedly waiting for the order to arrive as I am always curious about the packaging of online retail brands' delivery! Wonder whether there is any differences between female and male retail brands ?

Order Date:  19th November 2010
Shipped Out Date: 22nd November 2010 (3days to process and send out)
Received Date: 4th December 2010 (around 2 weeks to receive my order)

I received the order via a normal envelope in the letterbox. I think I should have received the order earlier but they seemed to have written my postal code wrongly. That could explain the delay, else I think it should take around 1 week for me to receive the package. Let me share with you the pictures of the package:

What I like about Australian brands is that they place emphasis on putting in brochures/catalogues to promote their products and they have nice packaging for their apparels:

Since I bought a "Saturaday" brief, they even put a sticker to remind me to collect all seven days. Interesting, isn't it? For hygiene purposes, they also packed the brief in a nice , good quality transparent bag.

Another interesting discovery - they even inserted a cute card to CONGRATULATE you for being one of the first who have bought their new designs - telling you that you are one of the first people in the world who owns this brief design !

And the best of all, is that the brief looks exactly as the one we seen in the picture !

Delivery /Cost: Free worldwide !!
Service : to be updated
Quality: to be updated
Rating : 8 out of 10