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Seoul !! Here I come ... in a Year's Time !

Thanks to Ms Chocolate, I found that Air Asia has launched a promotion to travel from KL to Seoul for only $40 (inclusive of all taxes!) .

Guess what ? I have managed to book a pair of tickets for RM530. How cheap are the tickets ? That is only like SG$230 !!! Can you believe it? SG$230 for two tickets to Seoul !!!! That means that my Seoul honeymoon dream is coming true !!! YIPPY !!

It was definitely a hard fight for me to get these tickets. Airasia has recently launched promotions to Seoul and Tokyo (Ms Chocolate and I wanted to try the Tokyo promotion but we couldn't find the dates we wanted and by the time we did, we were too late. All the promotion tickets were sold out! There were lesser tickets offered for this Tokyo promotion than Seoul as the frequency of the flights going to Tokyo was fewer) . For such promotions, you must really be very very kiasu and very fast or else you will never be able to get the tickets!

The tips of getting these tickets:
1. Check the launch date and time and make sure you standby a few minutes before the launch time!
2. Plan how many seats you want and the exact dates you want the night before.
3. Decide on your backup dates the night before ( so that you will not be too indecisive on the launch date !)
4. Be Fast and choose the exact dates you wanted on the launch time.
5. After you have made your selections, skip all the parts that require you to enter more details (e.g. insurance details, select seats) and go straight to payment part  (You can go to "manage your booking" after you have successfully booked the tickets)

I wonder what is the next promotion we should look out for ? Airasia to New Zealand or Airasia to Paris?

Delivery: Immediate! You have to be one of the first to start browsing the fares when they launch the promotion!

Ease of Website:
  Might experience many incidents of timeout errors or dates no longer available ! Have to be really lucky and fast !

Product Range: Airasia is expanding their flights to more areas , from Kuala Lumpur !

Price:  Cheap ! But only can buy when there is a promotion! For regular price, it isn't really worth!

Customer Service:
 Poor! Tough to get through the number and email response is slow !

Rating :
 6 out of 10