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Nintendo Wii Games

I am estactic !! I have finally managed to find my "Donkey Kong  Barrel Blast" Wii game online ! Have been searching High and Low for this game since I started playing it with my nephew. I always have to wait for my nephew to bring the game to my house or go over to his house to play :)

I went to some gaming shops around Singapore to check for second hand Wii games but couldn't find this game at all. New ones are too expensive and second hand Wii games make no difference to me. I decided to search through all the Wii  SG online trading forums and ebay , only to be disappointed. The last one which was sold on Wii SG online trading forum was in 2007. So I started looking through ebay and found one online . However, this seller was located in North America and he warned me that this game was tested to work only on Nintendo wii systems made for the North American market. I was so disappointed . I started browsing for other forums and stumbled upon this website - Qisahn . I realised it is a website owned by this game shop in Far East Shopping Centre .  What made me happier is that I could find the exact used ORIGINAL game I wanted at $20 !!! YIPPY!

I quickly registered myself on the website and easily just added the game to the cart

* The above image belongs to Qisahn unless specified otherwise.

And once you clicked on the checkout , they will prompt you on the type of shipping method you want! I was so amazed to see so many options for a local shop. Furthermore, they offer delivery to some MRT stops (I guess I am lucky as I stay near one of the stations listed for delivery) and local standard mail at no additional cost !

* The above image belongs to Qisahn unless specified otherwise.

I opted for standard local mail and received an alert asking me to transfer the $20 to either a POSB Saving account or a UOB account. Once I did the transfer, I only needed to email them. And by the next early noon, I received an email to tell me that my game had been delivered !!

And in two days, I received my game !!! The package (via standard local mail) stamped with a $1 stamp had a return address of the shop in case the buyer didn't receive the order. The package was also bubble-packed to ensure no damage during delivery.

I am so satisfied with my 2nd hand ORIGINAL game! It looks just like brand new to me !!

Delivery : Order will be processed and shipped in 24 hours.
Delivery Costs :
Free - Free MRT Delivery (Selected Places), Store Pickup, Singpost Local Mail
Non-Free: - Singpost Registered Mail - $2.50, Same Day Weekday Courier - $8
Rating : 8 out of 10