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First Shopping At Forever 21

Updated as of 8th Oct

I have always liked the styles of  Forever 21 (F21) and always visit their retail outlets whenever I go to shopping in town. I chanced upon their website and my heart couldn’t stop pouncing. The site carried plenty of clothes that were not available in their retail outlets. I immediately asked my buddy at work and another good friend if they wanted to buy anything from F21 so that we could share the international shipping fees. For a flat rate fee of US$35, we could order as many items as we wanted. (Be careful not to exceed SG$400 as you will be charged with GST 7% by Singapore customs )

Browsing through the numerous pages of clothes was like playing an exciting video game, you had to be real fast cause the colours and sizes we wanted were depleted very quickly. We had to act really fast to lock in our orders, hesitant for a couple of minutes and what you wanted will be gone. I wonder if it is some kind of online marketing gimmick or if there are so many shoppers at the portal. The really great thing is that there  are plenty of sales items, contrary to the retail outlets where sales are very rare.. Furthermore, the items that are on sales in the retail outlets are either very outdated or ugly designs, also its virtually impossible to get the size you want. Shopping at the F21 portal,  it is completely different. So long as I am fast, I get to buy beautiful designs at the right sizes. And they also have this daily fabulous which I am addicted to browsing daily !!!!

Look at our purchases below. The good thing about buying from an online overseas site is that I can get a good quality dress for a friend’s wedding dinner yet I do not have to worry over the fact that someone might be wearing a dress exactly like me ( yah, u know those embarrassing stares you get when someone wears exactly the same dress as u for a dinner function!!)


This is what I got for a November dinner function. Nice??

My buddy at work bought some bags as well . Don't worry, I would take the actual pictures of her bags and show to our readers when the bags arrive !!

* All the above images used in this post belong to unless specified otherwise.

We are going to get more for Christmas and Chinese New Year !! Love F21 online !!

Order Date: 29th Sep 2010
Packed Date: 5th Oct 2010
Shipped Date: 6th Oct 2010
Arrival Date: 8th Oct 2010

And I so totally love the F21 shipping service. Initially I was rather disappointed to see that my order wasn't even packed after a week. I was telling my colleague that we had to expect the orders to come in only in late Oct. But I received a pleasant surprise on 5th Oct. Although they took at least a week to pack our orders, they were pretty fast in sending out the orders. What I love most is that they have a tracking service, unlike ASOS ! They will send an email to their customers with the tracking url once they shipped our the parcel. 

Go check F21 out. Gonna check the whereabouts of my parcel now for the 137th time.... Hoho!!

Delivery :  Item is mailed out  within the 5 working days upon receipt of payment and should arrive in 10 working days from order date.

Delivery Costs :  Flat International shipment based on how much you have spent (With Tracking service!).
  • Spend US$0 - 25 : US$34.95
  • Spend US$25.01 - 50: US$39.95
  • Spend US$50.01 - 100: US$44.95
  • Spend $100.01 - $1000: US$35 Flat Rate 
Product: Trendy, good quality fits that look exactly like what you have seen on the website!

Product Range: Wide! Men, Women (They even have clothes for Maternity and a separate brand/category for big sized ladies - faith21 !!), Kids, Accessories, Beauty

Price: I like to look at their Sales items or Daily Specials where you can get what you want for a much lower price !! Sometimes it is better to be patient and wait for the prices to drop :P

Customer Service: Quite prompt. I only need to wait for a day for the customer service to reply to my enquiries due to time zone difference.

Rating : 8 out of 10