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My First F21 order has arrived !!

I am so excited that my first order (Click on it to view my first order!) of  F21 has arrived today !

The stuff were well-packed in this small box. I didn't think that all the stuff could fit into the box.

The clothes were all nicely wrapped in paper, separated from the bag and the accessories!

The accessories were all bubble packed to prevent any damage !

I couldn't resist my excitement and torn the paper that wrapped the clothes.

The bags were also nicely packed in their respective bags.

I forced my colleague to take the picture of her bags!
The bags look exactly the same as what we saw on the website.

So do the dresses ! They look exactly like what I saw on the website too!
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I happily put them away into my wardrobe !! Yippy !

On a separate note, I brought the stuff to office to show my colleagues. All of them were so excited to see that the stuff looked exactly like the pictures on the website and they wanted to join in for my next order with F21 !

I am going to arrange one more spree for Christmas or Chinese New Year. Anyone takers?