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Kinokuniya Bookweb

If you are an avid book reader, this is a website that you should definitely check out.

I love to use this website to search and check out the availability of titles at Kinokuniya, especially obscure titles which are not commonly available.

By purchasing these titles immediately online, I can save on the hassle of looking high and low through shelves and shelves of books to locate those hard-to-find titles.

Just key in the title on the bookweb and you know instantly whether the book is available. The search results generated also include the full details of title, including the author, publisher, year of publish etc, thus minimizing the risk of ordering a wrong title.

* The above image belongs to Kinokuniya unless specified otherwise.

Besides home delivery, if you stay or work near their main store at Takashimaya, like me, you can also choose to order the book online but pick it up at their Takashimaya outlet.

This was what I did. I just ordered the book online and stopped by their store to pick up my reserved copy and paid for my selection at the counter. No wasted trips to bookstores and no more searching and asking around in the store. Just totally fuss-free and convenient shopping .

Delivery : 1 working day for processing of order and 1 working day for delivery

Delivery Costs : A delivery charge of $5 per delivery will be added to your bill (minimum purchase of $10 required). Free delivery is available for one-time purchase of $50 or above.

Tips : If there are any books which you are looking for which is not on their database, you can even send Kinokuniya an email appending the details of the book you are looking for and they will help you to source for the said book !!!

Service : Pretty good service as books reserved can be easily collected from counter or delivered to your doorsteps.

Rating : 7 out of 10