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Men also love online shopping!

I had a big surprise this weekend when I realised that one of hubby's friends , Mr L has been shopping for his apparels online ! He was sharing a korean site with the guys and I on buying some Korean Shirts, branded - "Purple Club" for work! And we were all so excited and started browsing the site on TV so that everyone could give their opinion on the clothes. ! It was quite a fun and interactive experience but I was rather surprised to see the guys get excited about it as well. I have never really gone shopping with these guys, so it was rather interesting to hear some of the comments by the guys - "Nah, too old fashioned!", "Not bad, looks like you can attract the gals in this!", "No! No! I wearing this for work! Not party!" , " Yucks! I don't think he can carry it well in this." etc..

* All the above images belong to the seller unless specified otherwise.

Not too bad for these guys who hate crowded places and do not like the hassle of shopping in malls! Furthermore, these men in their 30s would not have any time nor energy to go shopping after work! Within half an hour, they shortlisted 3 shirts for one of the guys. It was fun for me because I get to be involved in the decision-making process too ! The shirts are very reasonably priced at $30+ per shirt and they are definitely very styled - just like those you see in Korean dramas! The site also comes with a useful size chart that lets the customers know what size they need to get .

But guys will forever be guys. I was the secretary who had to take all the details of the shirts that they short-listed and they are expecting me to help them place the order.

Delivery :  Item is mailed out and should arrive within the 14 working days upon receipt of payment.

Delivery Costs :  Every 5 pieces of shirts - cost around SG$2-3/piece  

Product Range:
 Men Apparels - Tshirt, Shirt, Suit Pants, Jacket, Pants, Belt and Knit ! Fashionable Korean style which cater to Asian fashion and lifestyle

Cheap if you compare them to G2000 shirts. Similar quality but much more fashionable :P

Customer Service: Quite good. And you can even sign up as member as earn points to redeem for stuff later !

Rating : 8 out of 10