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Flowers for all occasions

One thing that I truly believe is that every girl loves to receive flowers and surprises.

Even if they do not show it outwardly and proclaim how cliche or boring or redundant the flowers are, inside their heart they would be screaming with silent joy and pride, especially when their friends or colleagues are ooh-ing and aahh-ing over the flowers, speculating who the "secret admirer" is.

However, you don't have to be a "secret admirer" to send your good friend a surprise today.

I remember when Ms Black was feeling down some time ago. As I could not meet up with her as I was busy, I decided to send her a surprise bouquet to cheer her up and to remind her that even when she's sad, there are people who are still are thinking of her.

So I went to my computer and log onto the website of Far East Flora and started choosing my "surprise".

Being Singapore's leading online florist, Far East Flora has an established website which is very easy to navigate. Besides offering floral bouquets and hampers sorted into different categories and occasions, the website also allows me to choose other not-so-conventional , non-floral items such as cakes and wines and gift. You can choose to surprise your friend with a wine basket, or pamper her with a Crabtree and Evelyn hamper or simply indulge her with cakes and chocolates from the likes of Mariott Hotel or Canele.

In the case of Mrs Black, I chose for her a simple floral arrangement with blue roses and customized it by adding 3 doggie stuff toys since Mrs Black is a dog lover. This way, even after the flowers have wilted, the doggies can still be kept as a memento.

I made the order online in the morning and arranged for a same day delivery. By evening time, Mrs Black had received her "surprise" :) and called me excitedly to thank me. And I also experienced how much joy there is from giving :)

If you have friends staying overseas, Far East Flora  also have affiliates in a lot of other countries. So why not send them a small "surprise" to let them know that you are thinking of them.

The website itself is very user-friendly. Customers will first need to login to their account whereby all the details and the buying history are already stored in the website. What I like about fareastflora is that given the busy lifestyles we have today, they provide us a reminder service whereby I can input my friends and family's birthdays. I can also store the delivery addresses in the system. Thus, I will not ruin the surprises for my recipents by asking them for their addresses each time I want to send them something. There is also an order tracking service just like those international courier services like DHL and Fedex once I have placed an order!

* The above image belongs to Far East Flora unless specified otherwise.

Besides that, there is also a wide range of selections for me to choose from. Not only are there gifts for  special events like Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Baby , there are also a large variety of gifts from skincare, flowers, jewellery just to cater to different events. You will  be amazed to find even hampers and cakes on the website! I think, Far East Flora can be considered as an one stop shop for customers !! It is just so convenient and the prices are very affordable as well!!

* The above image belongs to Far East Flora unless specified otherwise.

What I like most is actually the promotions offered by Far East Flora . I can save up to 25% if I place any promotional order. Every month, they will have a range of promotional items for that particular event in the month or for birthdays!

* The above image belongs to Far East Flora unless specified otherwise.

Website :
Delivery : Order will be processed and shipped in 24 hours.
Delivery Costs : Free delivery.
Tips : Customise your bourquet or hampers by adding small personal touches such as the receipinet's favoutite flower or stuff toy

Rating : 8 out of 10