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My ASOS order is finally here !

I finally received my ASOS order >> Click on this to go to my earlier ASOS blog. I think they were experiencing some problems with their September orders. Saw so many people with complaints on ASOS's facebook page. I realised that they do not have such issues in the past.Well, it was my first order with ASOS and it wasn't a good experience !!!!! Aww !

* All the above images belong to ASOS facebook unless specified otherwise.

But meanwhile, I realised something interesting! I have two friends on my facebook who have clicked "like" on ASOS Facebook and they are both guys !! mmm ... that means guys love to do online shopping on ASOS too !! And these are the two guys whom I think are usually very well dressed . Now , I know where they get their clothes from .. mm ....

* All the above images belong to ASOS facebook unless specified otherwise.

My ASOS order came in a very different packaging from my Forever 21. ASOS order doesn't come in a box but in a black ASOS bag (I was quite glad that I didn't order any bags or else they might have be damaged!)

The clothes came in individual bags too and there is a label on each bag to tell you the item and the size.

There is also a return form whereby customers who are not satisfied with their orders can do an exchange or refund.

2 pieces that I bought from ASOS:

I like the style but the quality wasn't as good as I thought. 

The fabric is super thin and it is definitely not worth to buy at £16.00 (approx SG$33) , not inclusive of shipping fees ! The dress is definitely not flattering to my body. I am quite disappointed and will do a refund for this dress as I didn't expect the quality of the dress to be that poor : (

I think I will keep this Lightweight shorts playsuit. I bought this at £15.00 (approx SG$31), which is already at a Sale Price! The quality of this suit is average (Cotton) and it is rather comfortable. However, I still think that the item is abit overpriced !

For my 2 other pieces, I am going to ask for a refund. I am disappointed with both the quality (very thin material) and the price they were sold at. For the dress on the right, I was so shocked to realise that it is a SEE THROUGH dress when I received the dress! The picture on the website does not hint about the see-through nature of the dress.

I think the experience is enough to prevent me from ordering anymore items from them. I would never consider ordering any item that wasn't on sale. Shipping costs are ridiculously high yet there is no tracking method and customers need to wait longer than the estimated arrival date. I will check with my colleague on Monday whether she wants to do any refunds for any of her items and we will ship the items back together. I am going to use the money to buy more Forever 21 items instead !

Delivery /Cost:
Option 1 - Delivery to Singapore is up to 11 working days at a flat rate of £10.50 , with no tracking service.
Option 2 - Delivery to Singapore is up to 4 working days at a flat rate of £20, with tracking service.

Service : Email correspondence between buyer and Customer Service is prompt and fast.

The clothes are of poor quality, similiar to the clothes we can buy from local blogshops or Bugis Village. I didn't expect the material to be so thin. According to many reviews I saw online, the size chart on the website is not accurate. It really depends on your luck whether you have chosen the right size for your clothes!

Definitely overpriced. I will never buy any item which is not on Sale!

Rating :
 5 out of 10 (I was disappointed with the delivery, quality and the price ! Too slow, Poor Quality & Overpriced !)