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If you like accessories and sunglasses, try buying them from I used to like their sunglasses so  much that I could buy many at one go. I started buying from them when their old site was named They have designers brands like - “Dior” , “Armani” etc looking glasses at US$5 or even lesser! But the disadvantage about buying these glasses is that you do not get to try on them. I bought 4 pairs for myself two years ago and a pair for my hubby. I am still using all 4 pairs today! 2 of them which I like and will bring for all my trips. However, for my hubby, he only wore his once and said the pairs of sunglasses was too small for him and refused to wear them anymore !

Products that I have purchased:
1 x 0010 Microfiber Drawstring Sunglasses Case - Black (0010) = $1.00
1 x 1824 Gwen Stefani Big Metal Shield Sunglasses - Wht/Smk (1824) = $5.00
1 x 1897 80\'s Vintage Two-Tone Square Sunglasses - Amber/Amber (1897) = $5.00
1 x 1922 Gucci Inspired Buckle 2 Large Sunglasses - Black (1922) = $5.00
1 x 1950 Versace Inspired Lion Logo Shield Sunglasses - Brown (1950) = $5.00
1 x 9581 Metal 2.25\" Cut-Out Circle Hoop Earrings - Olive (9581) = $0.99
1 x 9580 Plastic 1.25\" Multi Stripe Flat Square Earrings - Multi (9580) = $0.99
Sub-Total: $22.98
Discount Coupons:c244f8: -$4.60
Flat Rate (Shipping to SG : 0.84 lbs): $8.95
Total: $27.33

My 1824 Gwen Stefani Big Metal Shield Sunglasses - Wht/Smk (1824)

My 1950 Versace Inspired Lion Logo Shield Sunglasses

I also purchased some of their accessories which I really like. One of my favourites was this pair of green earrings which everyone seemed to like but no one could ever find a similar one in Singapore.  But too bad , I lost them.

One of the strengths of this site is the user-friendliness. It is very easy to locate the item you want and all year round, they have these interesting sections - "Clearance", "$5 and under", "$5 sunglasses". And the good things are that the items under these sections are definitely cheap and good ! Take a look at one of the fabulous sales item.

Imagine, you can get a 1918 DESIGNER INSPIRED JENNIFER SUNGLASSES [1918] for only US$5 !

 Signature shaped plastic frames with the famous metal bands on the arms.
-Designer Inspired.
-Seen on Jennifer Anniston.

* All the above images belong to unless specified otherwise.

Delivery :
  Not mentioned on the website but I remember that it should arrive in 2 -3 weeks from order date.

Delivery Costs :
  Flat International shipment to Singapore at US$8.95 

Product Range: Mostly accessories -- Sunglasses, Clear Glasses, Jewellery, Watches, Bags etc.

Price:  I like to look under "Clearance" , "$5 and under" and "$5 Sunglasses" where you can get really good bargains! 

Customer Service:
 Not too sure as I have not ustilised this yet!

Rating :
8 out of 10