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Motor Insurance

Our motor insurance is going to be due in 2 months. Recently, I realised that hubby has been very active online looking for quotes on motor insurance. So I made him share his experiences with us. He was quite happy and agreed to share the experiences with our dear readers. This is from him:

I have been getting my annual motor insurance through insurance agents all the while. Till a friend recommended my these 2 websites.... Aviva and You can actually get a genuine quote from the portal within seconds after in-putting your personal data. Once the quote is activated, its actually binding and will be activated once you make payment. Validity of the quotes are 30 days. Gone are the days when you have to wait for your agent to come back with quotes after a week or two. Ease as well as speed in getting the quotes are fantastic.

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Convenience in getting your motor insurance quote and getting it incredibly fast within a couple of minutes is really great. But the quotes that I received from both portals are really something else. If you are a budget motorist like me, the only concern I have about motor insurance is the price of the premium. Guess what kind of quotes I received?? Aviva quoted me a premium that is almost 60% cheaper than my existing insurance.... while directasia quoted me 70% cheaper!! How's that for cost-savings. I went through the t&cs and they are definitely not inferior to my current plan from Liberty Assurance.

If you have similar worries that I had when I received the super low quotes, both are very reputable big insurance companies from overseas. I reckon the low premiums are to gain a foothold in the sg motor insurance market. Well, they just gained a new customer in me!!