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Forever 21 - CNY shopping !!

Zara sales started yesterday. As usual, being a crazy Zara fan, I couldn't resist waking up early and making hubby drive me there.  Each year I would spend at least $300 on the sales buying clothes for hubby and I.
This year, I am proud to say that I have more self control over shopping ! The normal SG$89.90 dresses again cost SG$59.90 each during the sales. When I thought of how much cheaper it was to shop from F21 online , I decided to forgo looking at all the attractive dresses at Zara which usually make me lose self control !!  Shopping from F21, each dress would not cost me more than SG$30 (including the shipping fees)! So when I buy 3 dresses from Zara (which will cost around $180 even after discount), I can actually buy around 6 dresses from F21 !!!

Soon I was back to F21 online shopping with my colleague instead of shopping at the Zara sales. For this time , we only bought 15 apparels in total ! Hahah ..quite "lugi" when we could actually buy up to 20 apparels for a flat international fee of USD$35. We tried to confirm the order quickly as the apparels chosen were hot items and we didn't want them to be out of stock. (This is the most annoying part when shopping from F21. They do not lock your orders in even if you add the item to the basket. It all depends on who makes payment first!!) !

Anyway, back to our shopping spree! Take a look at what we bought this time round !

This is my list !!

I spent a total of US$112.09 (apparels) + US$17.50 (shipping fee) = US$129.59 = SG$166.373 for 7 items !!

That means that each item is only around SG$28 !! And I still get a causal singlet FREE because of their Clean Up Sale - Buy One Get One Free for all Sale Items !

How about my colleague ? Let's see what she bought :

 She spent a total of US$150.70 (apparels) + US$17.50 (shipping fee)  = US$168.20 = SG$215.83 for 7 items !!

That means that each item is only around SG$30.83 !!

After doing such a "good analysis" for our readers, don't you think you will be tempted to shop more from F21? Actually, I rather not !! I do not want more competitors to "fight" for the same apparels during my next spree with F21. Hahaha.

Anyway, what a great way to end my 2010 !! This will be my last blog entry for 2010! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year  !!

Order Date: 30th Dec 2010 (Thursday)
Packed Date: 5th Jan 2011 (Wednesday)
Shipped Date: 6th Jan 2011 (Thursday)
Arrival Date: 10th Jan 2011 (Monday)