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CNY Goodies

Seeing the spurt and potential in online shopping, my hubby and I decided to encourage my mother-in-law to do some marketing for her CNY goodies business online. Each year, her regular customers will place their orders via phone or email. And each year, a well-known bakery in Hougang will order large quantities of her goodies to sell in their shop.

We both feel that the lack of marketing isn't doing any justice to my mother-in-law's goodies which have been very well received by all her customers for a good number of years. So this year, we decided to help her by doing some marketing online to promote her business ! We decided to help her take orders via facebook and the Motherhood forum!! The response has been pretty good and we hope it will continue! For those who wish to find more details, you might want to visit her blog at , and also add her to your facebook !

Or you might want to visit her at the motherhood forum: