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My F21 Chinese New Year clothes arrived in less than 14 days !!

Forever 21 has changed their courier service from DHL to Fedex. I do not really like Fedex as I know that their delivery timing isn't as accurate as DHL . However, I was pleasantly surprised to see my clothes arrive faster than my previous orders. Fedex doesn't route their shipping from USA to HK to Singapore like DHL. Fedex is able to send F21 orders from USA to Singapore directly : ) This will reduce the delivery time by at least a day !!!

As usual, I like to share my purchases with our readers. So do take a look at my latest purchases for CNY !!

Guess how much is this dress which comes with a sleek, stylish design and a free belt ?
It is only US$22.80 !!!! I managed to grab a real bargain !!

This polka-dot tube dress is another bargain ! 
I bought it at only US$18.90 ! I SUPER love the bright blue fabric. Just right for CNY !

This dress comes with a  sweetheart neckline and a lightly padded bust.
The material of this dress is also very comfortable and it is only US$22.80.
However, I think I won't be wearing it for CNY.
I will just keep it as a wedding dinner dress since
 I have a few wedding dinners to attend this year : )

For this romper, I am rather disappointed. The color isn't what I have seen in the
original pictures : (  Luckily it is only US$15.80 and
I like the design despite the dull color.

This is my free top ! Very nice color and very comfortable !!

Haha ! My hubby's top looks exactly like the one we have seen on the website !!
Very comfortable top at only US$6.99 !! Guess which is the original F21 picture? : P

This is a nice and cheap dress bought by my colleague !
I told her that she could either wear it to work or if she has to be a "Jie Mei" !

I super LOVE this dress ! I find this dress really nice and silky !
Too bad, when I was purchasing the apparels,
there wasn't any S size left  : (  So sad !