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Cake Decoration Tools

Inspired by Ms Chocolate's colleague who really knows how to make 3D cakes, I decided to have my first try with fondant! In the next 8 hours after reading her colleague's blog, I went online , searched for recipes on fondant-making and also the right  methods of creating 3D cakes. By night time, I forced my hubby to go to Phoon Huat with me to buy the essential ingredients.

While I was there, I found this interesting set of 16 Carving Tools For Cake Decorating Modelling. I excitedly put it in my basket without checking the price. This act was stopped by my hubby who took it to the cashier to enquire the price. Astonished on hearing that the small plastic looking tools cost $46, he told me not to buy ! He always feels that baking tools are a waste of money and told me off for being unrealistic since I had started making the fondant dough yet . Haha ... But silly him, he didn't know that I was thinking in my mind that I would go online and do my shopping there when I got home ! I remembered an online friend from flowerpod forum telling me that she bought lots of bakery stuff from ebay.

After crawling through ebay the whole night, I finally found my 16 craving tools for cake decorating modelling at only SG$18 , with free shipping !!! That is savings of $27 !!! Sufficient for me to order another set and still have extra money to treat my hubby to McDonald's or KFC. !!! I placed my order quickly with this ebay seller from Hong Kong/ China and made my payment with paypal. I am just waiting patiently for my order to reach me now !!!

The shopaholic in me wasn't satisfied yet . I started to google for more items to assist in my fondant designing and found another cute discovery ! I found this set of Cake Decorating Bakeware Piping + 8 Nozzles from another Hongkong/ China seller and you know how much it cost ? Only cost me around SG$5 !! Imagine I saw a whole set of nozzles at Phoon Huat for $110 !!! I know I shouldn't do comparisons like that as they are obviously of different quality! But who cares so long they can function the same! : P

Oh ya, did I tell you that I haven't told my hubby that I just spent $25 on baking again ? I am just waiting for him to read this blog and found out himself : P This is where he does my shopping tracking !!!!

Happy New Year, Everyone  !!! Hope you enjoyed your online shopping for 2010 !! I certainly did and would continue to do so in 2011 !! Hope you will too!! 
Updated on 7th Feb 2011:

I only gotten my cake decoration tools today . The seller told me that the first time he sent out my order, it went missing. Thus, being responsible, he sent me another one via registered mail : )

The packaging

The product looks exactly like what we have seen in the photo!