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Anti-Barking Device

Sad to say, I spoil my dogs more than my hubby. My hubby will always threaten my naughty puppy that he is going to kick him out of the house if he behaves badly. And when he does that, I will say that I will do the same thing to him : P

My new puppy has a bad habit of barking. When I first adopted him, he had this habit of barking at 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am just to wake me up. He used barking to get a lot of attention ( we never abide to his requests to stop his barking nonsenses)  . Recently, I was reading on facebook about some heartless owner who wanted to give up their dogs coz of barking problems (barking problem is controllable and is related to how the owner discipline the dogs). There is this entry by a reader “ Please do not abandon your dog because of barking problem. I was faced with the same issue and I bought a barking device online and it works. Now the barking problem lessens.”

* The image on top belongs to the seller nder unless specified otherwise.

Well that prompted me to start browsing on ebay for anti barking device. Yes, and I being a cheapo bought one at $7.90 from a seller on ebay, whom I believe is from HK. This device works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking .

However, disappointed to say, it isn’t effective. To date, my dog is still barking and the irritating ultrasound “Di” doesn’t seemed to make him stop. He seems very happy to be barking with the “Di” sound around. I am considering buying the one which is priced at $100 + but I am not sure whether it is effective. Has anyone tried yet ? Do let me know !!

Delivery :
  Quite fast waiting period. Takes around 2 weeks to reach me.

Delivery Costs :
  All included in at $7.90

Product Range: Limited. Very "Messy" range of products.

Price:  Very cheap but product not effective!

Customer Service:
 Not too sure as I have not ustilised this yet!

Rating :
 5 out of 10