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Yippee !! I have just made my first purchase with ASOS !! The flat rate shipping fees at £10.50 from UK was way too enticing for my buddy at work and I. When I was studying in Oz 10 yrs ago, I was so amazed and absolutely loved the fashion there. It was very different from Singaporean fashion.

Currently, I am very into Zara and F21 clothings. ASOS carry styles that are similar to Zara and F21 but are in a cheaper price range. The designs they have online are much more varied compared to the retail shops. Furthermore, they have this catwalk video that can be a good indicator to the type of materials and how it looks exactly. I do not really trust photos nowadays since it is very easy to photoshop till the clothes look really beautiful. However, ASOS has this video function to let the customers see exactly what the clothes look like with no editing.

Hey, take a look at some of our purchases

* All the above images belong to ASOS unless specified otherwise.

Order Date:  22nd September 2010
Shipped Out Date: 22nd September 2010
Received Date: ? October 2010

Delivery /Cost:
Option 1 - Delivery to Singapore is up to 11 working days at a flat rate of £10.50 , with no tracking service.
Option 2 - Delivery to Singapore is up to 4 working days at a flat rate of £20, with tracking service.

Service : Email correspondence between buyer and Customer Service is prompt and fast.

Rating : 7 out of 10 (I was disappointed with the delivery ! Too slow !)