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Peter Alexander

Ever heard of Peter Alexander ? When I was studying in Oz , they would always have these well designed catalogues attached to the Cosmo magazines (or was it some other Fashion magazines ? ) . I would always browse and look through them in enjoyment and even kept the catalogues as reference . Peter Alexander started off with only an online business and no physical shop . But over the past few years, their business has grown so well that they now have more than 17 shops all over in Oz because of Peter Alexander's signature catalogues !!  Take a look at some of the signature catallogues, I bet you will love them as much as I do !! I used to collect them all when it was easier for me to gain access to them in Oz. Everything was so well designed ! To me , it is a brilliant work of visual merchandising art.

* All the above images belong to Peter Alexander unless specified otherwise.

However, my first experience with Peter Alexander was never in Oz. After I came back to Singapore to work, with some purchasing power, I started browsing their website very regularly (To date, I am still doing that !!). My first purchase was these 2 sweaters (yah, they specialize in pyjamas, yet I bought their sweaters ?? ) Their PJs are always so beautiful that I think I could even wear them out without anyone realizing that they are PJs. To date, I am still wearing them coz they are so lasting that I couldn’t bear the thoughts of giving them away or throwing them away.

They used to have sales promotions online rather frequently but not anymore. I think it might be because they now have physical shops to clear their old stocks. Thus I do not shop at their site as frequently now. As an online customer, I am definitely hoping that they have more sales items as the shipment isn't cheap and it will be good if I can save some money on the apparels I am buying ! And they can capture more customers from overseas with their old Seasons stocks and more range of products !! Winter in Australia doesn't mean that it isn't Summer in Singapore !!! Oh ya, they have apparels for your kids and men too ! Don't forget to take a look !

Let's me share with you something, I was so influenced by Peter Alexander's catalogues that I made my hubby take PJ bridal photo shoots with me when we got married !

Delivery :
  Up to 20 working days from Australia to Singapore.

Delivery Costs :
  Flat International shipment to Singapore at AUD20 for orders below AUD200 and at AUD30 for orders above AUD200.  

Product Range: Mostly pyjamas.
Price:  AUD10-100  

Customer Service:
 Very prompt. They will respond to your email within a day.

Rating :
8 out of 10