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OH NO! My hubby is hooked on online shopping as well !

No, we aren't just browsing the above tops for fun! We have just spent another SG$100 on ASOS buying the tops! Please save us ! Under my bad influence, my hubby has become addicted to online shopping as well ! When we were out shopping for his Chinese New Year clothes yesterday, he happened to see this brand - "Super Dry" at Tangs and he remembered that he saw this brand on ASOS at a very cheap clearance price (around SG$20-$40). He was so excited that he started to grab both sizes S and M Tshirts and Polo Ts of this brand to try !!! When he realised the prices for The Tshirts are at SG$69 and Polo Ts at SG$99, he asked me to go home asap as he wanted to grab these Tshirts and Polo Ts from ASOS immediately.  (Can you believe it ?? We were at Orchard Road , the shopping paradise , yet he wanted to go home immediately and do online shopping !!)

Within an hour, we were back at home, glued to the laptop to help him pick some Super Dry Polo T and T-shirts. After constantly changing his mind and arguing about which apparels were better for him, we picked 3 pieces - 2 T-Shirts at SG$23 - SG$29 (Imagine !! We save approximately $50 for the same T-shirts we saw at Tangs !!) and a Polo T at SG$42 (That saves us at least SG$45!) . I think by just buying one Polo T from Tangs, we can get 2 shirts and a Polo T from ASOS!! We really got a fantastic bargain!

However, this also means that we are spending more money than we should ! And after all these online shopping experiences, hubby has more Chinese New Year clothes than me !!! He now has a total of 9 new tops (1 Tshirt from F21, 3 Polo T and Tshirts from Superdry, 2 shirts from G2000, 2 T shirts from Pull and Bear, 1 Polo T from Zara ) for Chinese New Year !! That is way MORE than me !! And I think his good friend has bought a couple more T-shirts for him from his USA trip. Does that mean my hubby is going to wear a new top for each of the 15 days of Chinese New Year ? *FAINT* KILL ME !! Why did I influence him with online shopping ???

Anyway, if you are interested in Super Dry brand, you can try it at the Tangs Studio at Vivocity. The quality of the Tshirts and Polo Ts are really good ! Much better than many brands ! We initially thought that it was a Japanese brand (The Japanese make pretty good quality clothes) and was rather surprised to find that it is actually a UK brand. We will update more on the Super Dry clothes when we receive them next month !! *VERY EXCITED*

Order Date: 20th Jan 2010 (1am)
Packed Date: 20th Jan 2011 (10 am)
Shipped Date: 20th Jan 2011 (2 pm)
Arrival Date:  28th Jan 2011 (3pm)