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MDS Collection - Shopping for CNY clothes from home

Those who know me would know that I have never been a fan of thronging the malls to shop for clothes.

I just hate the long queues at the changing rooms and fighting with others for the salesgirl's attention.

The situation escalates prior to Chinese New Year when all the shopping malls are packed like sardines, full of people shopping for their CNY clothes.

Now with online shopping, I can shop for my CNY clothes while preventing the hassle of having to squeeze through the maddening crowds at Orchard Road.

Whilst shopping for clothes online, I came across this local online clothing retailer at  Mds Collection .
The website setup is quite similar to that of International Retailer ASOS.

For each attire, you will be able to view the the model wearing the clothes from different angles. Details of the clothing, including sizing and additional stylist's notes are also clearly indicated for the shopper's reference.

Not only can you  find a great selection of clothes on this website which can cater to all your needs, be it, casual, office or party attire, new arrivals are also updated  daily, not only once but TWICE.

Mds Collection also offers free delivery for all Singapore orders, even if only 1 piece of clothing is purchased.

The best part about this website for me is that if you are not happy with any purchase, you can return the clothes within 30 days with no reason required!! That means if you change your mind about any item or if you find that the item purchased does not suit you , you can always exchange it for a different piece.

For those shoppers who prefer to physically try the clothes before the purchase, Mds Collection also have 2 retail outlets at Wisma Atria and Plaza Singapura.

To get the best bargain, you can try out the clothes at the retail outlets before going online to make the purchase. Mds Collection  has some great online promotions which are not available at their retail stores :
For every $100 spent, you will receive $15 off i.e. 15% discount
For every $150 spent, you will receive $30 off., i.e. 20% discount
For every $200 spent, you will receive $50 off. i.e. 25% discount !!!!

I have just purchased 5 dresses from Mds Collection. The original cost was $150 but with the current online promotion, I only ended up paying $120!! That works out to only $25.00 per dress!!!.

The website is also very easy to navigate. Take a look below :

My selected clothings:

Payment (which took me less than 10 secs):
* I only needed to input the discount code and I could see how much money I got to save instantly!


With just a "click", I confirmed my order and only needed to wait patiently for my dresses to arrive at my home! I need not worry over the hassle of going shopping in the rainy weather and crowded malls  !

So do check out Mds Collection to get your shopping fix  :) , especially during the recent wet weather !!!


Hui Yi said...


Regarding to the MDS online shopping. How many days did you wait for the cloth to arrive?

Did the items arrive quite fast?


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