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Thanks to online shopping, I can find affordable gifts for friends and myself !

Thanks ASOS's free shipping promotion (yes ! They are still giving away free worldwide shipping!), I can easily send a gift to a good friend without incurring any shipping cost! Guess what I did ? I started buying plenty of beauty items from ASOS! This is the first time I bought beauty products online and I am going to review on the products as well , just for fun !

I split my shipment into two different addresses. One attention to me and one attention to my friend ! I am pretty amazed with how ASOS could actually earn a profit by just sending one small discounted handcream to my friend !

When I was doing my research, I realised that Love & Toast Hand Cream is actually a very popular hand cream as it not only comes with pretty packaging , smells awesome and is creamy yet easily absorbed and leaves no residue on hands after a minute. Furthermore, Singapore blogshops are selling it at SG$19 !! Take your calculator and start counting how much you can save : P

Guess what I bought for myself ? I bought 4 items for SG$26 and I was entitled to free shipping too !

I bought a webbing white belt for hubby for only around SG$9! Hubby has been looking for one since a year back ? However, most of them are either too expensive or too ugly looking !

I also bought a Bourjois Vintage Blusher - Paris version at only around SG$10 !! From my research online, this product retails for S$20.90 at John Little!

Again, this is another product which comes with pretty and cute packaging ! I absolutely love the vintage feel ! It's faintly scented and comes with a mini curved brush. The pigmentation is just right too, not too pink & it blends really well so you can build up as much colour as you want. I have been using MAC blusher all my life and this is the first time I have the urge to start switching to Bourjois !

Another amazing find is the Paul and Jones Powder Puff !

According to many online reviews, many people like Paul & Joe powder puff! According to them, it feels very soft and fluffy on the skin! And in Singapore, the retail price is at SG$14 and I got it at only 30% of that price ! I will have to wait till I receive mine before I can judge whether the reviews are accurate!

The last product that I bought was just for fun ! It costs so cheap , yet it comes with such an elegant packaging that I couldn't resist not buying it !

For less than SG$6, I got myself a 300ml milk bath and 200 shower gel which comes with great packaging. This will make a great gift for anyone ! Too bored online ? You know what you can do now !! Make the people around you happy by just doing some "happy clicking"!

Gift for my friend:
Order Date: 6th Feb 2011 (5pm)
Packed Date: 7th Feb 2011 (10am)
Shipped Date: 7th Feb 2011 (10am)
Arrival Date:  22nd Feb 2011 (3pm)

Gift for myself:
Order Date: 7th Feb 2011 (1 am)
Packed Date: 7th Feb 2011 (10am)
Shipped Date: 7th Feb 2011 (10am)
Arrival Date:  18th Feb 2011 (3pm)