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ASOS is offering free international delivery again !

Yes ! ASOS is offering free international delivery again ! No matter how much I have complained about their long waiting time for delivery, I just can't resist the words "free shipping" :) And thanks to my dear friends who are all addicted to online shopping like me , I received news of it once it was announced on the website.

I was planning to help my hubby buy some clothes for Chinese New Year.  However, even knowing that ASOS will never be able to make it for delivery before the first day of Chinese New Year didn't stop me and hubby browsing through the catalogues. There are 15 days in Chinese New Year, so long as we receive the item within the CNY period, we can still wear it as "new year clothes"!

My hubby couldn't resist the temptation this time !! I managed to control myself  because all my friends were telling me that I have bought many items from Forever 21 which I have yet to wear any !! From the initial 6 pieces that we shortlisted, hubby and I finally decided to buy 2 ! One was from FCUK and the other one was Supremebeing ( I have never heard of this brand, but who cares ? The Polo T looks really nice !)

This is the Polo T which we have shortlisted from Supremebeing and it costs 15 pounds (Around SG$30.50) :


How about the one which we have shortlisted from FCUK ? It is a Polo T which costs only 13 pounds (Approx SG$26.60) ?


We were about to make payment when we were faced this disappointment;

Argh! Why do I always face difficulty when I just want to make a simple purchase from ASOS ? Why can't ASOS introduce an option to show customers which product cannot be shipped out to certain countries ? It is really frustrating to give up on something that we really like ! My hubby was so disappointed that he told me immediately that he did not want to buy anything from ASOS despite the free international shipping !!  In the end , I managed to convince him to just buy the Polo T from Supremebeing ! It was his first shopping experience with ASOS and I didn't want him to feel too disappointed.

Now I am just hoping that we can receive the top within the 15 days of Chinese New Year !! Praying real hard !! ASOS please do not fail me again . The email which I just received said that I would receive the  order by 4th Feb 11. Let's wait and see !!

Order Date: 19th Jan 2011 (Singapore Time - 1 am)
Packed Date: 19th Jan 2011 (Singapore Time - 8am)
Shipped Date: 19th Jan 2011 (Singapore Time - 8am)
Arrival Date: 11 Feb 2001 (Singapore Time - 3pm)

Updated on 12 Feb 2001:
Despite the long wait, we were still quite satisfied that ASOS really did fulfil the shipment even if it was just a single Polo T.

My hubby was so excited to receive his Supreme Being Polo T yesterday that he immediately put on the Polo T when he reached home. However, he was disappointed that he couldn't fit into S size (his usual size was M). I think I would have to try selling it online : )